What makes our Surf Camp different!

The fact that we are surrounded by nature, and situated right in the Village center less than 200 meters from the beach, yet however crowded the Village may be, if you do not leave our Surf Camp site you will be under the impression that you are far away from any urban area.

During the night, you will be listening only to crickets and frogs, the latter, particularly after a rainy day, and in the mornings you will wake up listening to song birds. All this less than 100 meters (30 yards) from restaurants, bakery and the bars you will be spending your time in.

Of course we can not fail to mention that we have churrasqueira (barbecue area) where you will be meeting lots of new friends, our own car park and work out area for those who do not want to "relax" too much whilst on holiday.

Because we are surrounded by wetlands, we have no neighbours in front or to our right (only nature), therefore, the wind blowing constantly is ideal for those of you who arrive too late to secure a place under a tree. But do not despair because we have vacancies for 120 tents, and even if you have to set up your tent outside the areas with trees, our Surf Camp can still offer shade. Due to the fact that we are situated just behind Pedra do Urubu (Vulture` s Rock); and the sun rises behind it, this allows you to sleep until 9 am which should be enough time for you to recover from the night out!

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