Important Tips

It is important to note, that there are no banks,cash machine or exchange places in Guarda or in the nearby vilage, the neareast bank being in Palhoca city 35 kms, some 20 miiles away, (the same applies to hospitals); As travellers cheques are not accepted and credit cards have limited use, it is recomended that you change money at least for the first few days that you plan to stay, taking into account, food, and the rent you will have to pay for the package of days which will have to be paid in advance during the high season. You must remember that the longer the package you pay, the cheaper the daily rate will be, but if you pay for one or two days, and after this time you change your mind and decide to extend your stay, you will not be able to add the previous days to get a better daily rate on this new package for the previous days. The new rate will be applied only to the extra days of the new package. The reason for this, is to encourage people to pay in advance for the number of days they want to stay, as collecting rent daily from one hundred or so people, can be very time consuming, and diverts us from other jobs such as cleaning and booking in guests.

In the summer, water shortage in Guarda do Embau is a constant problem, so it is very important when booking accomodation, to check that the stablishment you are choosing for your stay has got a water well and good water pump; otherwise you may ruin your holiday arguing with the manager trying to get a refund, which will only be a waste of time as the manager will tell you to complain to the water company. We ourselves, have a lot of people who come from other guest houses and surf camps asking us to rent our toilets and showers to them, but we believe that since we invested to ensure we have water for our guests, they should have ensured they would have it as well at the place they chose to stay, so we simply turn them down!

We may from time to time at our discretion change US $ dollars, but would have to pay a lower rate due to the constant fluctuation rate and the expenses involved in going down to town to change it back into local currency.
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