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Guarda do Embau Greater Florianopolis Santa Catarina

Surf Camp established in December 2000. Set in an area of aproximately 8.000 square feet (2.600 sq metres). it comprises of a Chalet style property which is in fact two self contained studio flats, a wooden hut and the campsite area comprising of kitchen, 4 toilets and 4 showers. The property is sold as a going concern as the Surf camp has around 200 hundred faithfull guests.As it is only open from December to February, it has a great potential if operated for longer period and expand its activities.

For price and video please e-mail us or call us on one o the phones on the site, for more photos look in the site.


Susanne Hultman

The chalet.

Showing stairs to first floor studio.


camping dinning area.

Camping` s kitchen.






Wooden hut.


Rio de Janeiro